The Little Things

The Little Things


Magazines ready for a lazy sunday

For the most part it’s been a quiet week, but sometimes we need that in order to get stuff done and become more organized. For me that meant a meeting at the bank with our account manger, taking my kitties for their annual vet check-up, wrapping gifts and prepping for heading to the east coast next week. This weekend I’m looking forward to partaking in some holiday baking and attending my friends annual Danish Christmas holiday party. My best-friend married a Dane and since he often doesn’t get to travel home for the holidays we all get together and embrace the traditions that are important to him, thus bringing Denmark to Canada. It’s always a fun and memorable evening. Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend.


The signs of holiday baking


My new West Elm pizza plates


Holiday cards beginning to arrive


Super cute wrapping paper including my favourite—plaid!


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