The Little Things

The Little Things


Cranberry Gingerale in a wine glass because I’m classy like that

This weekend the city will be a bustle with people dressed in costume heading to their favourite Halloween hot spot. I have an appreciation for Halloween but it’s in no way a must participate holiday for me, aside from handing out treats to trick or treaters— that I’m game for. I much prefer staying in cozy on the couch watching appropriately themed movies and eating the yummy individual sized candy, which are perfect portion size but let’s face it who can eat just one? To those venturing out this weekend to celebrate have a safe and wonderful weekend. For those staying in like myself, enjoy your Halloween treats.


A figurine picked out by my oldest brother (Happy Birthday!) and given to my husband and I as a wedding gift. So special


Friday night locally grown/made (even the kettle chips!) tapas dinner. The best kind of dinner in my opinion


Kitty cat ring holder with my kitty cat midi ring I purchased while in Los Angeles. Yes I’m a 30-year old cat lady and I love it


A bowl (a wedding gift from my other brother) of Halloween candy that’s ours for the taking. Clearly my cat has a similar notion


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