The Little Things

The Little Things


My new Up 24 Jawbone bracelet and super handy app

I can’t believe we’re one day away from February. Where did January go? Last weekend I clued in that we were knocking on the door of the month of love, which was a huge reality check. In 2014 I want to become a better me and focus on areas in my life that need some improvement. This week was all about getting my hubby and I back in the saddle and we’ve been doing well at cutting out unnecessary sugar and calories and fitting in exercise here and there. All in all I’m feeling pretty good and looking forward to keeping it up in the coming months. It can only get better, right? I’ve got some fun projects coming up in February so stay tuned! Wishing everyone a happy weekend.


A catalogue from one of my favourite shopping haunts


Scouting out some Martha Stewart Craft Supplies


The makings of a healthy dinner


New Balance sneakers that have been hitting the treadmill pavement


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