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The Perfect Winter Throw


If you see me in my house during the winter without a throw blanket, I’ll eat my hat. Throw blankets and winters in Canada go hand in hand, and when trying to keep home heating costs down they become that much more essential to surviving the cold. Like most things in my home I’m of the belief that décor should be cohesive. In other words, sticking to complimentary colour palettes and choosing items that suit your homes vibe. These simple concepts are exactly what one should keep in mind when purchasing the perfect winter throw. For example, if one has a bright green couch perhaps a bright red throw blanket might not be the right choice as it will leave your home looking like Santa’s living room all year long. When in doubt, go neutral. Almost every throw I’ve ever fallen in love with has had a neutral option, be it light grey or beige, and these tones are the easiest way to help your décor transition over the years. If you know what you like in terms of colour (for me that’s anything plaid) then go for it. There’s nothing better than the perfect accent colour in a well designed space.

Like some of my favourite throws pictured? See below for links and info.


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