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The holiday manicure… a thing of beauty. With unlimited options and polishes designed specifically for holiday wear you simply can’t go wrong. Whether you choose to take it literal (candy-cane nails) or a little more seasonally subdued (red and gold reverse french manicure), your mani is bound to be a holiday hit. How about those alliterations! (i.e. seasonally subdued/holiday hit). I know— I’m awesome.

The candy-cane nails are so cool it’s not even fair. I know if I took the time I could achieve a similar nail look but nails like that take an incredible amount of dedication and time, something many of us run short of during the holiday season. No need to over think it. A simple red, gold, silver or sparkly manicure is equally festive.  Or maybe both?

I’ve chosen the best of both worlds. An easy at-home manicure featuring a festively fun shade of red accompanied by a glittery index finger accent nail. It took 5-10 minutes tops (not including drying time, of course!). Want my nail look? Follow along below.

Like any other manicure I prepped my nails by cutting, filing, buffing and oiling my cuticles. Once all the tedious work is done the fun can begin! Start with a quick-drying base coat in order to give nails the perfect paint base. Next, pick your favourite festive hue. My guilty pleasure? The perfect shade of holiday red in the Kardashian Kolor Holiday collection from Nicole by OPI— Keeping Up With Santa. Paint two even coats on your nails. When they’ve dried completely, jazz up the index finger with your favourite glittery nail polish. I again used a polish from the Kardashion Kolor Holiday collection called Kardashing Through The Snow. It’s the perfect sparkly holiday combination featuring green, red and gold glitter.  *Tip: A lot of glittery polishes on the market don’t achieve an all over effect, which is why a lot of us use them as a top coat. If you want the index finger to really shine do a lot of thin coats. It’ll allow for the glitter to build up and spread out over your nails. 

Apply a quick-drying topcoat polish and your holiday manicure is good to go! If you run into trouble with the polish and it’s running outside the nail beds, fear not! Grab a q-tip, lightly dip it in some nail polish remover and clean up around the beds or fingertips.

Do you like my holiday mani? What do your nails look like this holiday season? Feel free to share with me by emailing

Happy Holidays!


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