Nailed It :Deborah Lippmann Vamps it Up

Oh my goodness. When I stumbled upon these polishes at the beginning of the week I all but had the urge to bite someones neck. But I then realized I’m not a vampire, nor do I want to be, and that perhaps my enthusiasm over a t.v. show themed product was teetering on the unhealthy side. Nonetheless, I want these nail polishes to be mine. Unfortunately for those of us outside the United States, I think we’re out of luck. I’ve exhausted all my options and have come to realize that the only way I can purchase these polishes is through eBay for almost double the price or HBO’s online store where the shipping is practically the same price as the polishes. Almost $50 for a few mini nail polishes? Not sure I can justify that. If you find another way faithful readers, do let me know!

Whether they can be mine or not I will still lust after them. They’re available in three drop dead gorgeous (get it, drop dead!) combinations. Want to get your fairy nails on à la Sookie Stackhouse? Then enchant yourselves with the Deborah Lippmann Forsaken Sookie Sookie Nail Lacquer Duo ($25.00 on containing two neutral shades—Human Nature (a mortal putty taupe) and Fairydust (an ethereal shimmery opal). I love natural looking nail polish. In other words I want to sink my fangs into the Human Nature shade.

If your interest is to vamp up your look with deep, rich, blood red hues then the Forsaken Lip Color and Nail Lacquer set ($28 on is made for you. A bold blackberry long-wearing lip colour cleverly named “Bite Me” combines the rich, creamy colour of a lipstick but has the sheer, high-shine finish of a gloss. You can match your nails to your lips perfectly with the accompanying nail lacquer “Let It Bleed,” which boasts long-wearing, quick-drying and highly-pigmented coverage.

Want to take a page directly from the True Blood theme song and do “bad things”? Why not do them while wearing the Deborah Lippmann Forsaken Bad Things Mini Nail Trio ($25 on You can pick your poison whether it be Strange Love (a sexy vampy magenta), Bad Blood (a sheer black cherry) or New Flesh (a deliciously clean nude). If I were to get one of the three sets it’d be this one. The perfect combination of True Blood colours.

I can’t stamp these products with my seal of approval since I haven’t tried them but I’m posting about them because I’m in love with the concept. If you’re wanting to purchase any or all of the sets they’re available for a limited time on and in-store at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Barney’s New York. But again, if you’re outside the United States I think we’ll be eternally waiting for these nail sets.


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