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Muddied Up with Cocoon Apothecary


Mud masks induce nostalgia inside me, remembering a time when things were a little simpler. It’s not even that I witnessed my Mom or friends using mud masks, but being a kid of the 80’s and 90’s and watching girly movies or television, they always showed women getting together, for slumber parties or what have you, and mud masks were always high on the agenda. And is it just me or did they always forget to wash them off only to wake up to a muddy mess all over their face? Needless to say it was crushing to find out that mud masks weren’t the norm at real life slumber parties, at least not any I attended, and thus my t.v. slumber party illusion vanished in a flash. I think it might just be time to bring back the mud mask sleepover ritual. I don’t even care that I’m a grown woman. Friends, wherever you are, let’s do this!

cocoonmask2 It doesn’t hurt that I’ve found an out-of-this-world, Canadian made, organic, all-natural mud mask that I’m officially obsessed with. Cocoon Apothecary’s Ancient Mud Facial Mask smells like you’ve just walked into your favourite spa and we all can attest that the aroma of essential oils has an immediate calming effect on ones nerves. Smelling of orange blossom and rose, this mask detoxifies, exfoliates and tightens skin with two of nature’s most potent best kept secrets— Dead Sea mud and Canadian glacial marine clay.

Used since ancient times as a health and beauty treatment, Dead Sea mud is known to re-mineralize the skin with essential nutrients and purify pores of toxins and pollutants. On the flip side, Glacial marine clay (an extremely fine powder) from the coast of British Columbia absorbs deep into pores pulling out contaminants and excess oil. Cocoon Apothecary claims, “Both the mud and the clay work synergistically to pull out the bad and leave the good.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Upon opening the jar for the first time I knew I was in for a treat because anything that smells that fresh and clean is something I want to use. At times I’m highly sensitive to smell, however this product didn’t bother me. Yes, it’s a strong scent, but perhaps being made of all-natural ingredients is the reason it didn’t. Plus, the smell doesn’t linger upon application. It’s still present but in no way slapping you in the face. The mud was incredibly easy to apply and a little definitely goes a long way, and I was shocked at how quickly it dried. I left it on for approximately 10 minutes but I’m sure it was ready to be removed much sooner.

The result? I was pleasantly surprised to see naturally rosy cheeks and a subtle but noticeably glowing complexion. My skin was left feeling clean, a little tingly (the good oh my god my skin’s never been happier tingly) but more importantly healthy. What more can a girl want in a beauty treatment? Please note that after removing the mask you need to follow up with your regular cleansing regimen as the mud does leave a bit of residue that needs to be removed. For me that meant cleansing, toning and moisturizing. If you’re looking for a natural 3-step skin care system then you may want to give their Skin Care Starter Kit a try (pictured left). For the price it’s incredible value and allows you the opportunity to try the products before making the commitment to buying the larger bottles. Another tip— they smell intoxicating too.

Now onto planning that sleepover…

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