Macaroni & Cheese


Sometimes we just need a night to indulge in comfort food and mac & cheese is the ultimate. If you’re in need of a quick fix Kraft Dinner can hit the spot, but there is nothing better than macaroni & cheese made from scratch. It’s creamy, mouth-wateringly decadent and though it’s not the healthiest of meals, once in awhile it’s worth every bite.

One of my favourite recipes comes from lifestyle guru herself—Martha Stewart. Sharp white cheddar and gruyere cheeses blend seamlessly with cayenne and nutmeg spices creating the most heavenly cheese sauce your taste buds will ever be privy to. It takes a little extra effort than its instant relative, but is still simple enough for an at home cook to master and is most definitely worth it. I pretty much trust anything that’s given Martha’s seal of approval.

If you’re willing to take a one night break from your healthy new year’s resolutions click here or visit for this and other tasty recipes.






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