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Just a small town girl…

Trying to find her place in the world. I’m not self absorbed enough to believe that I’m the only girl in her twenties who feels this way. Verging on 30 years of age I’m still struggling to find my niche in this crazy world but am confident and optimistic that my thirties will bring clarity, confidence and comfort to my life, things that as a 29 year old I’m still striving to find. In an effort to find my way I’m going back to basics.

Back to basics? Yes. Back to basics! Things that I love and am passionate about.

A bit about me. I have a background in fashion, beauty and publishing, working many years in the publishing industry for brands such as Canadian Living, Canadian Home & Country and Style at Home, to name a few, trendsetting and handpicking the best beauty products for consumers. I very much cherish these experiences and the people I met along the way. Thing about the publishing industry- it’s unpredictable. Having lost jobs over the years due to cut-backs and massive lay-offs, I’ll be the first to admit that I lost my way. The things that I enjoy and feel passionate about became lost to me and I’ve been living in a fog wondering what my next move should be and what direction I should take my life. With my thirties on the horizon, I’m finding myself reflecting on my 20′s and when and where was I the happiest. Was it when I basically sold out and took whatever job I could to pay the bills? HA. No. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive enough to think that bills don’t need to be paid, and in your early twenties you need to do what’s necessary to get by and pave your way. I did that, but lost myself in the process.

When was I happiest? I’d say in my early twenties when I felt like I was on the right path and that anything was possible. I had finished my fashion degree, was en route to finishing Ryerson’s publishing program, was contributing/interning in fashion/beauty departments at different publications and was dating an amazing guy (my now husband) to boot. Where did it all go wrong? It’s not something I can pinpoint. I think I let fear make my decisions and it lead me down a road that had nothing to do with where I had envisioned my career and life going. Would I go back and change anything?  That’s a question I refuse to answer because truly, what’s the point? The experiences I’ve had throughout my life have taught me that as hard as it might be, you must forge through and try your best to move on and believe que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be). That there is a purpose for everyone and that good things come to those who wait.

I’m passionate about beauty, in all forms. In generic terms, makeup, fashion, shoes etc. In not so generic terms, my cat sleeping peacefully, a colourful autumn day, friendship. That’s what I’m attempting to demonstrate through my blog in addition to sharing my views on the best products, beauty tips and style. Nothing will be sugarcoated. If I test a product and don’t like it, I won’t recommend it. Trust in the fact that anything I post, I have an appreciation for.

Bare with me while I educate myself with the blogosphere! Once I’m up and running I’ll try to post as much as possible.

This is my new adventure. I hope you’ll join me on it! How will it turn out? Que sera, sera!



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