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For some, a woman’s purse is like a black hole filled with an endless assortment of stuff. I’m the worst offender when it comes to carrying around all kinds of potential “might need” items. Needless to say oversized purses are my best friend yet I’m certain my shoulders and back would disagree, but they don’t call it a “carry all” for nothing, right? On any given day you could find any or all of the items pictured below in my bag because depending on my schedule time may not permit stopping home. So, what do I keep in my purse and why? See below and let me know in the comments section what must have items you keep in your purse.


  • Socks: I’m not a feet person, so in the summer I carry socks for spontaneous visits to friends homes and in winter they’re perfect for soggy sock moments.
  • Sunglasses: Day or night, I have sensitivity to light and always need my sunglasses nearby.
  • Compact Mirror: A necessity for on the go touch ups.
  • Measuring tape: You never know when you might need to measure a piece of furniture or the like.
  • Jewellery: Sometimes I don’t have time to rush home before an evening out, but a few extra pieces of jewellery can jazz up any outfit.
  • Hair elastic & bobby pins: Bad hair days require emergency hair accessories.
  • Scarf: Chilly days are here again and a simple scarf always helps to regulate my body temperature. Plus I’m scarf obsessed.
  • Tissues: Whether it’s allergies in the summer or an ongoing winter cold, tissues are a lifesaver. I always have a pocket size tissue pack in my bag.
  • iPhone: No explanation necessary!
  • Lip gloss: I’ll be the first to admit I have a lip gloss/lipstick addiction. Nevertheless, a purse must have a clear hydrating lip product and a couple of glosses with colour.
  • Wallet: Again, a no brainer.
  • iPad: For on the go internet needs that my iPhone can’t handle.
  • Fruit flavoured gum: I manage impromptu food cravings with a fruit or dessert flavoured gum. It helps curb my appetite in between snacks and meals.


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