Collar Me Bad

I know I’m tardy to the party on this one but in my defence time slipped away from me this Fall and now the collar trend is taunting me in every direction whispering, “You’re tardy to the collar party…” You know what? Who dictates when I should shout a trend from the rooftops? Me, that’s who!

Now that I’m back from my vacay it’s down to business— Peter Pan collar business. Direct quote from my mouth to my husband’s ears last summer, “I give it 6 months until Peter Pan collars and collars in general are HUGE.” You’re welcome world! Because obviously without my genius statement this trend just wouldn’t have amounted to anything. *ahem* Kidding folks! I’d have to be pretty self-righteous to actually believe that one.

In all honestly, I had a feeling they’d become popular but little did I know to what extent. I imagined a world filled with dresses, sweaters, shirts and coats with adorable stylish collar accents, which we have a plenty. But detachable collars? Collars you can dress up or down and wear with this dress and that dress or this sweater and that shirt? BOOOOOOOOOOM. Mind blown.

Detachable collars and collar necklaces are showing up in stores all over the place but some of my fave collar finds were on etsy. Man alive I love etsy. Almost anything you could possibly want is right at your fingertips and come with the added benefit of supporting entrepreneurs. Love it! The Silver Vegan Leather, Black Sequin and White Lace Collars (Pic 1,2,4) came from the sweetest vendor in Italy, Viola Jane Designs. The pictures speak for themselves, but the collars make a simple t-shirt look like a million bucks by adding some much needed pizazz. And my plaid obsession continues with the help of etsy vendor Rita Van Tassel, a fellow Canadian based out of Halifax who made the adorable pink plaid collar allowing my preppy plaid dreams to come true. (Pic 3).

If you’re wanting to partake in the collar trend, this is a brilliant and cost effective way to do so. One collar can jazz up endless outfits depending on ones wardrobe. So grab a collar, collar yourself bad and while you’re at it throw on some Color Me Bad because let’s face it they had some catchy ass tunes in the 90’s that you probably miss desperately. Or is that just me? Oh… this is awkward.

Are you partaking in the collar trend? Which is your fave look— Silver Vegan Leather, Sparkly Sequins, Preppy Plaid or Lace on Lace?


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