Blurred Lines


Admittedly, my makeup tendencies tip the scale more toward the boring side than daring and adventurous. I’ve always loved to experiment with makeup, but generally speaking stick to neutrals unless I’m going big for an event or party. However, if there is one thing Dior Addict’s new It Lash and It Line have taught me it’s to step outside the lines and my comfort zone. Knowing what does and doesn’t work for you is a wonderful thing, but sometimes (myself included) it becomes far too easy not to take risks. With that, I’ve found my new “it” look for summer, that has me blurring lines and embracing colour.


Instead of dressing my lids in layers of complimentary shadows, I’ve decided to pump up the volume by layering different colours of eye liner paired with a mascara that won’t quit. You can’t go wrong with any of Dior Addict It Line shades, but I’m most drawn to It Pink and It Black and layering them together creates the perfect contrast. Its exclusive gel formula provides pure colour, intense shine, long-lasting wear and the smooth fluid texture dries instantly. The precision tip makes it easy to use, however my trusty eye liner brush feels like an extension of my hand and thus I felt more comfortable using it for application.

Dior Addict It Lash mascara does it all. It provides extreme volume, gives lashes a gleaming coat of deep black or vibrant colour and adds curve and definition. I consider myself a bit of a mascara glutton, always willing to try the newest kid on the block. As you can see in the photos, It Lash mascara speaks for itself. The new thick brush made from soft and supple elastomer makes this mascara a cinch to use and loaded my lashes with deep black colour while adding incredible volume and length. A standout feature is its rounded end, covered in spikes, letting you reach all the lower and corner lashes with ease.

Available in four shades, respectively, dress your eyes in:

  • It Black- a breathtakingly deep black ($32 each)
  • It Pink- a pop of pink for come-hither eyes ($32 each, limited edition)
  • It Blue- a saturated blue for electric eyes ($32 each, limited edition)
  • It Purple- a dazzling, deep purple for a sophisticated allure ($32 each, limited edition)

Add colour to your makeup wardrobe this summer and try Dior Addict It Lash and It Line, available now at Dior Counters nationwide, Sephora and thebay.com


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