Tieks Talk

If you’re as obsessed with comfy flats as I am you’re going to want to get your Tieks by Gavrieli on, stat! I recently discovered this sweet buttery leather flat (my colour of choice being mustard yellow) and am already planning what my next pair will be. Did I mention Oprah swears by them, especially when she’s needing to escape “high heel hell?” Fact: We have all been in that pinched toe, blistered heel, achy foot pad purgatory. Plus let’s face it, if they’re good enough for Oprah they’re good enough for me!

As if the comfort, cute and Oprah factor wasn’t enough, I haven’t even mentioned all the fun extras these shoes bring to the table. Like that they are built to fold in half (each shoe becoming roughly the size of a mans wallet) allowing you to store them in almost any purse with the greatest of ease. Say what? They fold in half? Yes. They fold in half so that they fit in the handy black travel pouch (displayed in Pic #2) that you can toss into your purse, handbag, clutch, you name it. The perfect accessory for your Tieks so that they aren’t thrown in amidst all your girly accoutrement like lipgloss and perfume. The last thing cute little Tieks want is to go toe-to-toe against your runaway lipgloss.

What else? Picture this: you’re headed for a night out after a long day at work but your peep toe pumps are pinching your pesky pinky toe. What’s a girl to do? You’re wearing pants perfectly tailored to your heels and opting for flats will destroy the hemline. *sigh* Don’t worry, Tieks has your back! Put on your flats, pin up your hem with the clear pant clips and throw your heels into the reusable tote (not pictured) and presto chango, you’re a new woman ready to rock the casbah.

In summary the goods included are:

  • Your Tieks of choice
  • Tieks travel pouch
  • Reusable tote for heels
  • Clear pant clips
  • The most adorable packaging of life!

Arguably the most difficult decision you now face is deciding what pair needs to be yours. Starting at $165.00, the price may seem steep but my personal motto is quality vs. quantity. And trust me, you’re going to want these split, non-skid rubber sole, soft, hand-stitched leather flats in your shoe arsenal.

Available at, go check out over 40 colours and prints that will satisfy every shoe taste. Me? Those leopard flats have my name written all over them.

Note: My little munchkin kitty was too cute to photoshop out of the picture… can you spot the kitty face?


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