Throwback Thursday :The Evolution of the Hair Straightener

The hair straightener… we’ve come a long way, am I right ladies? Nowadays you can purchase big straighteners, fat straighteners, skinny straighteners, wet/dry straighteners. It’s insane! There truly is a straightener for every hair straightening appetite. How old do I feel because I can honestly say 12 years ago I was straightening my hair with an iron. I know this method came to fruition in the 70’s but it came back with a vengeance when I was in high school because the hair straightening options on the market just didn’t suffice. If you wanted perfectly straight hair then you were ironing your shirt before school and then ironing your hair. Unless you were me of course. Grammie Ruby always did my ironing— Love you Grammie!


The evolution of the hair straightener, my version anyway, began with a bumper iron (Pic 1). A BUMPER IRON! Does anyone else remember trying to straighten their hair with one of these bad boys? It was during my junior high years. Basically it didn’t work but at the time I thought my hair was bad ass. In reality, it didn’t straighten squat! Why? Because its purpose is to curl hair, not straighten it. It’s all so clear to me now.

A big leap forward was something similar to this little pink number you see to the left (Pic 2). My first official straightener that when fully heated was about as hot as a cup of coffee that had been sitting out for a few hours. Definitely a step up from the bumper iron but I definitely started ironing my hair while owning this straightener. Unless you had thin, fine hair it just didn’t cut it. This girl, with her thick dark brown wavy locks, needed something stronger.

At the end of my high school career I purchased my first official state of the art hair straightener, specially ordered by my amazing hair dresser Tammy, who might I add is still my hair dresser even though I live in a different province. She’s that good! This Hot Tools (Pic 3) ceramic hair straightener did me proud. I used this straightener for years. I believe I even wore it out and had to purchase a second. It holds sentimental value to me because it was the first time straightening my hair was easy. I just slid this beautiful piece of ceramic and plastic down my locks and poof! Perfectly straight hair. Confession? I majorly purged my house this past Summer with my Mom and I had this straightener tucked away in a box. I decided to part with it and donated it with many other items. It may be old and it may be clunky but I have no doubt this straightener would still do the trick in a pinch.

When my Mom hopped on the hair straightening bandwagon and purchased an Isinis Ceramix Flat Iron (Pic 4) with slim plates, I decided my Hot Tools straightener just couldn’t compete with modern straightener technology. The slim plates truly did make straightening my hair root to tip a dream and it has continued to be a dear friend until recently.

Meet my current lady love the Avanti Nano-Titanium Ceramic Digital Flat Iron (Pic 5). We laugh together, we cry together but more importantly we straighten like never before together. If you’re looking for a straightener that means business, buy this now! My best friend has thick curly hair and her hair is pin straight when she uses this tool. Admittedly I don’t straighten my hair that often anymore (I’m really digging extra body as of late) but when I do this straightener doesn’t disappoint.


Hair tools are light years ahead of what they were when I was a young lass. I feel like I’m a hair straightener pioneer! What are your favourite hair tools and what evolution have your tools gone through over the years?



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