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Throwback Thursday :Les Misérables

Who’s excited for the worldwide premiere of Les Misérables? I am, I am! I feel sad admitting that when I see the movie version of this musical that I’ll still not have seen the broadway version live in person. *Single tear* The opportunity just hasn’t come my way but when it does I’ll be the first in line. This musical, one of the most successful musicals in history, and I go way back. On My Own was one of the first musical theatre songs I learned and performed at a music festival (back in the day when I took voice lessons growing up). I love that song and to this day can still sing it word for word. It will always hold sentimental value in my heart. Needless to say, I have an emotional attachment to this musical and the countdown is on for its release on Christmas day. Lucky me, I’ll be home for the holidays and am hoping my Mom (a musical theatre mastermind) will be my date.

How stunning were two of Les Misérables leading ladies at its NYC premiere this past Monday night? And I’m not just talking fashion. From wardrobe to makeup to hair, Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway nailed it on the red carpet. Both were in sync, straying from their usual natural girl next door presence and donning a femme fatale-esque look. Both makeup choices were superb and follow my less is more attitude. If you’re wearing a bold eye, keep the lip neutral and vice versa. There is nothing worse than too much look.

Seyfried was a golden girl in this dark and dramatic Alexander McQueen gown. With a gold embellished bodice leading to a floor length skirt, she styled it perfectly by keeping jewellery and other embellishments minimal. She let the intense makeup, slicked back braided bun and edgy dress do all the talking.

Anne Hathaway, love it or hate it, was gothic chic in a caped black taffeta dress by Tom Ford, paired with his dominatrix knee-high boots. Fact: Anne Hathaway is a vegan who doesn’t wear leather. Fact: Tom Ford is a leather-loving designer. How did this work out? Anne persuaded the leather kingpin to whip up an animal-friendly version. How’s that for star power? I may not be a vegan, but as an animal lover I immensely respect her animal loving politics.

Agree or disagree as everyone has different fashion taste, I think these Les Misérables ladies boldly hit their looks out of the park. If you’re not going to go see the motion picture when it’s released I beg you to re-consider. It’s bound to be a musical movie masterpiece that will be talked about for decades to come.



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