Throwback Thursday :Blue Eye Makeup

Blue is back! And one thing is for certain—it’s not our mothers blue makeup. Showing up in soft tones, bright cobalts and even neon shades, this makeup is absolutely striking. It’s a bold statement that takes a certain kind of gal to pull it off. Am I one of them? The juries out. I think it looks amazing but I’m such a neutral eyeshadow follower that the habit will be a hard one to break though I believe it can be done.

When it comes to bold eye colour I think we can all agree that in 2012 less is more. If you’re wanting to give this trend a try pick and choose what statement you want to make. If you decide to use a vibrant eyeliner apply just that and keep the accompanying eye shadow soft and subtle (much like Gwen Stefani and Ginnifer Goodwin pictured left and centre above). If you want to use different blue shadows then go for January Jones’ look (pictured right). They focus on blending multiple shadows and to keep it looking modern pair it with black liner. Both achieve a clean, bold statement but the first look is definitely a bit more playful.

The eighties, quite possibly the ugliest decade the world has ever laid eyes on, were a makeup nightmare. Sure, at the time you thought you were the cats meow but looking back? Tragic! From big, over-processed crimped hair to bold lipstick, eye makeup and wild overgrown eyebrows, we’ve come leaps and bounds ladies. What do you say we make a pact to only keep getting more attractive, not less. Deal?

When you think of the eighties what celebrity style comes to mind? I know who’s burned into my brain for all eternity: Madonna. She was a rule breaking risk taker, I’ll give her that. But even she has come around and changed her wild and crazy beauty ways. Granted, now she has adopted a new beauty regimen that anyone with eyes can figure out.

Check out some of Madonna’s eighties looks in the gallery below and giggle amongst yourselves. I know I will!


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