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Throw Back Thursday :Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh Sarah Jessica Parker, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. I’ll be the first to admit my girl crush, like most others, on SJP piqued throughout the Carrie vs. Big extravaganza that was Sex and the City. I love everything about it— the fashion, the makeup, the friendship, but more importantly the way it united women together worldwide once a week. Once a week women would get together and enjoy the show and forget about the hostile competition we’re supposed to feel toward one another, which might I add I still don’t understand. Shouldn’t we all be on the same team? Well, that’s an entirely different post. Let’s save that for another day.

SJP, she’s not conventional. She’s gorgeous in her own right. She rarely has a “miss” moment when it comes to fashion, is an amazing mother and more importantly is cute as a button! Kidding! But she is cute as a button. So much so that I just want to pick her up and put her in my pocket. Which let’s face it, I probably could since she’s teeny tiny. The very first movie I saw with Sarah Jessica Parker was Honeymoon in Vegas. It’s also probably the first and last time I saw a movie with Nic Cage that didn’t give me the creeps. No offense to those Nic Cage lovers, he’s just not my cup of tea. Anyway, I vividly remember thinking wow, she has great hair. I was nine. Clearly, even then I zoned in on the fashion and beauty aspect of the movie and less on the plot line. And Hocus Pocus? Halloween cult classic! Not to mention SJP and Bette Midler on one screen? Mind blown.

What sparked this post? Last night I was driving home with my husband (it’s still weird calling him that, love you Scott!) and we got to talking about The Gap and I was like remember those amazing Gap ads with Sarah Jessica Parker? They were the best Gap ads of life. And throw Lenny Kravitz into the mix? Seriously, BOOM! (the sound of my mind being blown again).

Need a refresher? Check out the ads below and reminisce with me!

Who’s your girl crush? You know you have one!





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