Think Pink


There are very few people who haven’t been directly or indirectly affected by cancer. It’s a disease that doesn’t make sense and effectively changes millions of lives every year. Family history is an important factor but it can truly happen to anyone, which is why we must be diligent regarding our personal care and ongoing research efforts.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s all take an extra moment and do our part. Whether that be participating in raising money for the cause or taking a few minutes to do a personal breast exam, there truly is no good reason not to.

How you choose to support is entirely up to you. Companies are in the raising awareness spirit and as they have in years past, numerous campaigns have been launched with fun pink products and accessories in hopes of raising money to aid research and support those suffering from this life altering disease. Every little bit counts and if monetary donations are financially out of your reach why not pick up an item that appeals to you? It’s a win win. Check out some of my favourites listed below.

Cancer research is important and necessary, but Breast Cancer Awareness month isn’t only about raising the funds, it’s about educating.  Essentially ladies, we need to check our breasts. Period. Being proactive never hurt anyone and I for one will be proactively checking my ladies regularly.


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