The Sock Bun-ny

For those of you tuning in to see a demonstration on constructing a sock bunny puppet for your child you may want to tune out. I hate to disappoint you but The Sock Bun is actually a method invented to create the perfect hair bun. Still wanting the puppet? I’m not offended. They’re pretty damn cute. So happy Friday and check out this tutorial at

Now, onto the bun! I’ve heard a lot about this approach and must say I’ve been intrigued so I decided to give it a try on my lovely friend Courtenay, always a willing participant (I feel like if this were The Price is Right she’d be one of my Barker’s beauties). When she told me she had an engagement party to attend I thought no time like the present, let’s do this! I think it turned out beautifully. Was it super easy? No, but I think anyone who is hair savvy can pull it off. It may be a teensy bit more difficult if you’re doing it on your own but they don’t say practise makes perfect for nothing folks! Check out the steps I took to achieve a sock bun that will knock your socks off (see how I did that? sock bun… socks off…so clever it hurts).


Step 1: Find a sock you could care less about. In my case, a formally black sock now turned shabby black/grey that looks dirty no matter how clean they actually are. Make fun all you want. I wasn’t about to cut up a nice sock. Forget it!

Step 2: With a sharp pair of scissors cut off the toe area of the sock. For me there was a seam so I cut across it but if you don’t have a seam there is no rhyme or reason to this so just eyeball it. (Pic #1)

Step 3: Roll the sock into a donut shape. It’ll end up looking a bit like a scrunchy without the elastic.
(Pic #2,#3)

Step 4: Put your hair into a high ponytail. Obviously the higher you go the higher the bun will sit on your head. It’s 100% personal preference. (Pic #4)

Step 5: Place the sock, now sock donut, at the base of the ponytail (where elastic meets hair) and slide it down toward the end of the ponytail. (Pic #5)

Step 6: Wrap the tip of the ponytail around the sock making sure to cover its entire circumference. (Pic #6)

Step 7: Once Step 6 is complete, slowly start to roll the sock down the base of the ponytail toward the elastic. (Pic #7) *tip: I found keeping the ponytail taut while rolling really helped

Step 8: Many would call it a day at this step (Pic #8). It looked amazing but had a few strands that needed to be tucked in. If Courtenay wasn’t going to a formal party it would have been perfect for a casual affair. To make it look more polished I used bobby pins around the entire bun tucking in any stray hairs. (Pic #9)

Step 9: Set the look with hairspray, smoothing out areas that need it.

Voila! The Sock Bun-ny! (Pic #10) Ok… I added the ‘ny, but it’s fun so deal.

Happy weekend everyone! Try out this look if you’re hitting the town!



  • Aimee November 19, 2012 at 11:52 am

    I’m a huge fan of the sock bun! I wear it for everything from work meetings to nights out to cleaning my apartment. Here’s a tip: If you just use a loose elastic for the ponytail and leave the sock bun in overnight, you get pretty waves.
    Lovin the blog, xo


  • Jane November 19, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Instead of using a sock, use a hair donut! has them in different colors to match your hair and different sizes so you can get your perfect bun every time!


  • Cara November 21, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Fabulous step-by-step instructions with photos! What a great way to use single socks that have no mates. The sock bun will be perfect for me on and off the stage. Thanks Beautyjunket.


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