The Perfect Holiday Dress :Topshop Edition

Can anyone else believe that as of this Saturday it’s officially December? When did it even become November! Remember when we used to laugh at adults who said the older you get the faster time flies? Well to those adults I say damn you because you were right, alas! If you’re feeling pulled in a million directions with your time this holiday season fret not friends because there is still time! But if you’re finding that with December looming your time is spent finding Christmas gifts and not the perfect holiday dress then consider me your personal shopper. I’m basically pre-shopping for you, for free! You can thank me later ladies.

Topshop, quirky as it may seem, really does cater to a variety of fashion tastes. I’ll admit some of their clothing is a little out there and perhaps not always the mature look we adults are aiming for, but they are always on trend and work within an affordable price point. This holiday season I’m loving the dresses they’re offering. Some looks are trendy oriented but others are classic shapes and styles. You really can choose whether you want to keep it simple or make a statement.

I’m only showing a teeny tiny sampling. To see more of what Topshop has to offer check out their website at and for some of my faves keep reading.



Check it out! I love a print and when it comes to a check or plaid print you had me at hello. You can dress them up or down depending on your shoes and accessories. Add a glittery belt to the blue check dress to punch it up. Wear black tights, black heels and a bold statement necklace with the black check dress. You can’t go wrong. The Grid Print Flippy Dress is flattering to almost all figures and if I’m converting the British Pound correctly (eek) is roughly $40 CAD! The Check Jacquard Dress is a little more coming in roughly at $70 CAD but hey, it can double as a checker board. What more can you ask for? Check’em out friends! And might I add that if being punny is wrong then I don’t want to be right!


Lace Up

I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and BRIGHT! That’s how lace makes me feel, you? It’s truly one of the most romantic and feminine fabrics out there. It can be a bit scratchy at times but the way it looks and how I feel in it makes it all worthwhile. It’s what I wore on my wedding day and I’d wear it all over again if I had to. Topshop certainly has a whole lot o’ lace to choose from at the moment and you can’t go wrong with the Crochet Lace Flippy Dress. At around $76 CAD the style of this LBD will last the test of time in your wardrobe. Wanting to spice up your lace selection? Try the Bonded Red Lace Skater Dress (roughly $95 CAD).


Collar Me Surprised

Around 6 months ago I saw sweater with a glittery Peter Pan collar attached to it. Direct quote from my mouth to my now husband, “You heard it here first. Peter Pan collars are going to be everywhere you look come Fall.” Little did I know that collars, as an accent piece, were going to explode onto the scene in such a huge way. I recently purchased some Peter Pan collar necklaces (stay tuned for that post) and I’m in love with them, so attaching them to dresses comes as no surprise. What I love most about this trend is absolutely everyone can participate and enjoy it. It eliminates the need for big fancy necklaces and highlights your best asset— your beautiful face. Two incredibly cute, figure flattering options are the Peter Pan Collar Dress (roughly $48 CAD) and the Textured Crystal Collar Dress (roughly $73 CAD).


Bed of…Flora

Want to lay down in a bed covered in floral dresses? We can arrange just that! Topshop is blossoming and showering us with multiple floral fashion options this holiday season. Whether you’re wanting literal flowers or something a bit more subtle, they’re ready to quench your botanical thirst. The Carey Dress (around $95 CAD) and the Black Embroidered Dress (around $100 CAD) are both flattering cuts and achieve effortless femininity. You won’t be Fading Like a Flower à la Roxette in either of these floral frocks. On another note, that’s a catchy ass song.


Because I Look Good in Fake Leather

I can’t hear the song I Look Good in Leather by Cody Chesnutt without being taken back to some of the most amazing times in Australia (shout out to my friends in Brisbane, you know who you are!). You too can look good in leather, fake or not. Leather is HUGE this season. From full skirts to dresses it’s everywhere I look lately. I know leather is a hot topic, but to each their own right? If wearing leather or fake leather goods is your cup of tea then check out the PU Peplum Dress (roughly $80 CAD) or the PU Studded Dress (again, roughly $80 CAD). Though both are faux leather, they still achieve the naughty but nice holiday look you’re longing for.



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