The Perfect Holiday Dress: Anthropologie Edition

With the holidays just around the corner I’ve had holiday parties and dresses on the brain. Like most women, every year I peak into my closet and utter the words every husband hates hearing, “I have nothing to wear!” Let’s be proactive ladies. We know we want a new holiday party dress. Our husbands know we want a new holiday party dress. The cashier at your favourite boutique where you keep eyeballing dresses knows you want a new holiday party dress. Why fight it? You know you’re going to buy one anyway so don’t waste time. Stand up, get into your car and buy one (I know I’m going to, thanks honey!).

In the hopes of being helpful, every week leading up to the inevitable parties you’ll be attending I’ll be posting some of my favourite dresses in a variety of price points that are in stores just in time for the festive party season. This week? One of my go to stores: Anthropologie.

Check out their website,, if you’re craving a wider selection of colours, patterns and styles.

Back in Black

One can never go wrong with basic black. It’s classic, it’s timeless, it’s the perfect go to. Looking for the perfect holiday LBD? Try one with a unique back detail or one sporting the latest peplum trend. You can’t go wrong. Anthropologie has great LBD options that apply the most current trends.  Try the Draped Tieback Dress (Picture 1), the Eleanor Peplum Dress (Picture 2) or the Corded Obsidian Dress (Picture 3). They range in price, from $150-$250, but will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe year round.


Sparkle & Shine

Every girl wants a little sparkle in her life, am I right ladies? Glittery things make us happy and they grab our gentlemen callers attention. If that’s not a recipe for success I don’t know what is. Try the Gold Leaf Cocktail Dress (Picture 1), Paillette Flutter Mini Dress (Picture 2) or Sunday Dress (Picture 3). Prices range from $230-$280 and ensure that all eyes will be on your shiny personality and accompanying dress.

[line] Colour Me Bad

Naughty or nice, with all the colour showing up on clothing racks I plan on dropping colour like it’s HOT. Are you with me? Nobody? Super. How about just embracing it and wearing it well? Fantastic, we’re on the same page now. Seriously though, the vibrant jewel tones are out of control and look good on everyone. You just have to find out what jewel suits you best. A few options to try are the Mariposa Lace Dress (Picture 1), Pleated Ponte Dress (Picture 2) and the Nipped Brocade Dress (Picture 3). Priced between $160-$260,  I wish us all good luck trying to narrow it down to one beautiful hue!


Sweater Song

If you want to destroy my sweater… don’t pick my Anthropologie sweater dress (Weezer reference, anyone?). I love sweater dresses. Always have, always will. Assuming they don’t have an itch factor they’re so comfortable and allow room for one to breathe. That extra peanut butter ball you just ate? Not to worry! Won’t make the button or zipper pop on these suckers. Pullover styling for the win! Ranging from $140-$170, try the Vinifera Sweater Dress (Picture 1), Patchwork Variations Sweater Dress (Picture 2) and the Shyle Sweater Shift (Picture 3) on for size.

[line] Keeping it Casual

Not heading to a fancy holiday party this year? Fear not! You too can still find a cute, fun, comfy dress to feel good in at even the most casual affair. The holidays aren’t about fancy parties anyway. They’re about being with the ones you love the most and enjoying their company. So dress it down. Wear something that floats away from the body like the Birdsong Script Dress (Picture 1), Geode Mini Dress (Picture 2) or the Graphic Begonia Shirtdress (Picture 3). From $160-$200, you’ll be the cutest and coziest at the party.






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