The Little Things

The Little Things


The first time snow sticks to trees

It’s official. Winter has arrived. No more braving the outdoors without a coat and my cute flats are currently hibernating for the next 5-6 months—single tear. This week we had our first real snow fall in Toronto and when it decides to stick and not melt away I know it’s time for me to hibernate with said cute flats. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the beauty of snow and how it makes everything look beautiful and pristine, but the temperatures and frustration that accompany it ruin it for me. Nonetheless, this week I’m appreciating its beauty (especially on the trees) while cuddling close to my warm, furry kitties and a hot cup of cocoa. Have a wonderful winter weekend everyone.


New holiday nail polish (previously mentioned here)

Littlethings_Nov29-3 A surprise (and very sweet) early Christmas gift from my hubby

Littlethings_Nov29 My own tartan created for our wedding

Littlethings_Nov29-5 Holiday decorations slowly making an appearance


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