The Little Things

The Little Things

Littlethings_Nov153 An appropriately themed holiday pillow

It’s that time of year when we hit our basement or storage area in search of seasonal goodies that make our homes cheery and bright. I always find that when searching for certain items I end up stumbling upon things I forgot I had. I love that. It feels like you bought whatever it is all over again and you can’t wait to use or display it. As I find forgotten things and unpack my stowed festive belongings I find myself happy, thankful and bursting with ideas and holiday excitement. Nearing the end of November always means I’ll be heading home soon to be surrounded by family and friends and I can’t wait. This weeks “little things” include some of my holiday favourites and some aforementioned forgotten things. Have a wonderful weekend!

Littlethings_Nov15 Holiday cookie tins

Littlethings_Nov155 Cheeky gift tags

Littlethings_Nov152 Dessert on a decorative plate

Littlethings_Nov154 Cards sent and received just because


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