The Little Things

The Little Things


Brand new Tieks anxiously waiting for the snow to clear

Getting back on track is tough—I find the holidays always do that to me. Nonetheless, one day at a time it gets easier and easier and I’m finding myself getting back into the swing of things. This week in particular my husband and I took no mercy on our bedroom, purging anything in our path. It always amazes me how much stuff builds up even when you think you’re on top of it. I won’t even admit how many garbage/donation bags we had in the end, all that matters is how good it felt to make space and get organized. We’re not a couple that makes resolutions, but we’re committed to doing anything that makes life a little easier. Have a wonderful weekend and remember to embrace the little things.


Catching up on Top of the Lake with a tasty snack


Finding my inner glittery cat


Fabric from a new dress to be worn at an upcoming wedding


A cat in a basket, what’s better than that?


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