The Little Things

The Little Things


Beauty Junket inspired laptop skin my husband had custom made

I wish I could say the holidays were relaxing and exactly what I needed, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Without going into too much detail, it was a highly stressful time due to a sick cat and power outages forcing important holiday plans to be cancelled. My husband bore the brunt of the bad luck and was unable to travel to our Christmas festivities in the maritimes, but being the trooper he is made the most of a bad situation. I came back to Toronto early and tried to give him a holiday a day late in addition to helping take care of our sick kitty. More than ever it made one appreciate the little things and what’s truly important. My husband, Maestro, Diva and I are very much looking forward to a happy and healthy 2014. And for those wondering, Diva is doing much better after some antibiotics, tests and a little TLC. Be grateful for the little things this weekend, friends.


A steal of a deal on SATC’s box set


A new country basket for storing extra throw pillows


Surprise belated holiday wishes and personalized ornament (thanks Cait, Goose & Mav!)


A sleepy kitty nestled in a handmade quilt made by my great grandmother


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