The Little Things

The Little Things


Holiday cards that multiplied sinceĀ last week

It’s official everyone. This is the last weekend to shop before Christmas day (men, I’m looking at you), so it’s now or never when it comes to picking up those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. I’m not brave enough to weather the shops this close to the big day, which is why my presents for friends and family have long been purchased. Currently I’m getting organized and packing for the trek back home, eating shortbread cookies and enjoying surprise early Christmas gifts. With that and all the well wishes in holiday cards that have been arriving I’m feeling pretty loved and in my opinion that’s precisely what’s most important about the holidays. Happy weekend.


Luggage ready to be packed with gifts


Surprise Christmas gifts from my very special husband


Enjoying savoury shortbread cookies (Cheddar & Chipotle)


Super cute holiday sweaters for my candles


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