Summer of Dior

One of my favourite times of year is the launch of highly anticipated summer beauty collections. I’m always curious to see what hues are going to be the “it” colours of the season, and what the latest bronzing/highlighting craze might be. It comes as no surprise that Dior has captured my heart with products like the new Dior Addict Fluid Stick, a lip hybrid that’s not quite a lipstick and not quite a gloss, and basically anything from their Dior Transat Collection. How did they know that I’m a lover of all things nautical inspired? A happy coincidence I suppose. Narrowing down my top picks was no easy feat, but it is a mission I was ready and willing to accept. Check out some of my Dior summer must haves below and head out this weekend to purchase your faves as they’re available nationwide today, May.1!

  1. Diorskin Nude Tan Matte (shown 002 Matte Amber) & Diorskin Nude Shimmer (shown 001 Pink): I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to protecting my face from the sun’s harmful rays, which is why during the summer months I depend on bronzer and shimmer to achieve a natural glow. Diorskin Nude Tan Matte is the ultimate because melanin is never shimmery and thus its mineral pigments naturally reflect one’s radiant skin tone. Its perfect pairing is Diorskin Nude Shimmer, that adds a subtle blush catching the light to reveal a natural radiance. Diorskin Nude Tan Matte available now exclusively at Sephora. Diorskin Nude Shimmer available May.1 nationwide at Dior Counters and (N/A at Holt Renfrew)
  2. Limited Edition Transat Collection Dior Addict Lipstick (611 Cruise and 651 Mayday): Nothing adds warmth to your tan like a bright lipstick, and Dior Addict shades Cruise and Mayday are no exception. Whether you’re attracted to an incendiary carmine (Mayday) or a radiant mandarin (Cruise) hue, you’ll be equally satisfied with the colour and extraordinary quality that Dior Addict Lipsticks are known for. Truthfully, I can’t decide what shade I love more, but that’s nothing a few summer nights can’t fix. Available May.1 nationwide at Dior Counters and (N/A at Holt Renfrew)
  3. Dior Addict Fluid Stick (shown in 338 Mirage, 551 Aventure, 575 Wonderland and 754 Pandore):     If there is one product you buy this summer, let it be this one. This intense, ultra pigmented, lip hybrid is a completely new kind of lip product. Unlike a gloss, Dior Addict Fluid Stick contains no wax that could weigh down texture, but is formulated with water. Once the product is applied the water evaporates leaving lips bursting with colour yet moisturized at the same time. Don’t let the shape fool you because it’s not a lipstick either. Applied directly to lips, the exclusive foam applicator glides colour onto your pout with ease and precision. The long-hold pigments utterly amazed me and left my lips rich with colour with very little touch ups, not to mention the smooth, barely there sensation I’m so not used to with other glosses and lipsticks. Available May.1 nationwide in 16 sensational shades at Dior Counters, and Sephora.
  4. Limited Edition Transat Collection 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (shown in 564 Sundeck): I’m all for experimenting with different shades of eyeshadow, but give me a bronzed eyeshadow palette and I’m one happy lady. Don’t get me wrong, the 5 Couleurs palette in 344 Atlantique is incredible too, I’m just naturally more drawn to sandy tones. Nonetheless, both palettes are perfect for a walk on the beach or a night on the town. Available May.1 nationwide at Dior Counters and (N/A at Holt Renfrew)
  5. Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Gel-Effect Shine and Wear (shown in 661 Bonheur and 403 Palais Royal) & Limited Edition Dior Vernis Transat Manicure (shown in 210 Yacht, 700 Sailor and 750 Captain):    No matter your polish preference, Dior Vernis has just what you’re looking for. The 14 shades of Dior collection (coating nails in pure colour with a gel finish) feature shades for every outfit, desire and moment. My faves? The perfect shocking pink of Bonheur or the utilitarian taupe of Palais Royal. However, don’t ask me to pick favourites from the Transat Manicure Collection because I won’t choose! I plan to sail through each colour all summer long, enjoying the sandy, blue and orangey red hues respectively. Not to mention the nautical stripe transparent sticker kit stamped with CD logo. Fashionable nails all summer long, ahoy! Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Gel-Effect Shine and Wear available nationwide at Dior Counters, and Sephora. Dior Vernis Transat Manicure available May.1 nationwide at Dior Counters and (N/A at Holt Renfrew).


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