Straight Up With a Twist


It’s been a long time since I’ve straightened my hair. My hair naturally has curl/wave, but nothing a great blow dry can’t tame. A great brush paired with a decent dry job and my locks are smooth enough that I don’t feel they warrant my obsessing with a straightener. Plus, lately (and by lately I mean years) I prefer volume and loose waves vs. a stick straight alternative.

Recently a great haircut inspired me to straighten my hair, rekindling memories of styling my friends and my hair before a big night out. I was thrilled with the results, which surprised me, and I can see myself adding it back into my hair routine. To shake it up a bit, I added a slight twist with a braided headband of my own hair. It’s an easy and modern way to add a little something extra to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

For simple steps on how to do a braided headband yourself see the tips below.


  1. On one side, clip up a section of hair. Isolate a section of hair just behind the ear.
  2. Loosely braid the isolated section (the more loose the braid the more length you’ll have).
  3. Free the clipped section of hair and wrap the braid around to the other side. Using bobby pins, secure the braid behind your ear.
  4. Smooth flyways and you’re good to go!


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