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Star Sighting :Taylor Swift

We are never ever ever getting sick of Taylor Swift’s fashion sense, at the moment anyway. She may be naive in the love department experiencing heartbreak with Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy to name a few, but she certainly doesn’t let that cut into her shopping time. Priorities people!

It seems everywhere I look lately her outfits are to die for. Promoting her new album Red, naturally she’s been seen donning multiple outfits featuring the bold hue. One of my fave looks? The Jenny Packham dress she wore to the 46th CMA Awards (pictured above). The fabric, the silhouette and the pop of red— stunning. Also, a polka dot sweater featuring a cat in one of the dots? This sweater must be mine. I want it. Unfortunately for me, and you, this French Connection sweater is practically sold out everywhere, even online! Hmm… I wonder if Swifty wearing it last week in London had anything to do with that. Me thinks yes.

A style that I would describe as modern meets classic, she truly has the fashionable feminine look down pat. What’s more, I appreciate that she, conscious or not, makes age appropriate fashion choices. She has such an enormous following with many of her young fans looking to her for inspiration. I think she makes an excellent role model for youngsters and proves that in a world where teenagers are dressing far too provocatively it is possible to be cute and appropriately sexy, not slutty.

On a different note, provocative teenagers, a word please. Put on some clothes. Your parents and the world will be forever grateful.

In closing, I heart Taylor Swift. Do you?


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