Sock it to me :Jcrew

We’ve all been there. That moment when you’re invited in somewhere that you weren’t anticipating and that accepting said invitation means ones shoes must be removed. DUN DUN DUN! Suddenly you’re kicking yourself for not having done the pile of laundry in your bedroom sooner because if you had you wouldn’t be fighting the dirty old socks or Halloween socks in November inner crisis. You swear to yourself you’ll never do it again and convince yourself it’s not so bad and you’re sure no one will even notice. That is until you take off your shoes, the music stops and all eyes are looking at your feet. Ok. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but we all know what I’m talking about. Easy solution? Do your laundry. Realistic solution? Buy fun socks! Your inner self will be getting in line to fist bump you.

I was out Christmas shopping last weekend following my favourite Christmas shopping rule (one for you and a little something for me haha) and salivated at the mouth once I saw all the delightfully fun socks J.Crew had on display. There were stripes, there were hearts, there were anchors (I love nautical stuff) all in sock form and in a variety of punchy colours. Not to mention they had a promotion that if you bought two pairs the third was discounted. SOLD! They’d make the perfect stocking stuffer for any lady or in my case… ME!

They aren’t the cheapest sock on the market and in no way am I suggesting you throw out all your socks and stock your drawer with J.Crew socks exclusively. What I am saying is they’d be a great edition to your growing sock collection and maybe even save you the embarrassment of the reindeer toe socks you’re still sporting in March. Just saying…

Stay tuned for more fun sock finds friends!

P.S.  J.Crew’s website doesn’t show their entire sock collection. Check out a store near you for the full range of prints and colours.


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