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Seasons of love, and by love I mean Fall

“In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee… how about” FALLLLLLLL! Oh how I love me some RENT! The music, the characters, you name it. What’s your favourite season? I think mine is fairly obvious. From the clothing, footwear, colours, makeup choices, accessories, (I’m a serious scarf addict) what’s not to love? Not to mention it’s the perfect amount of warm weather and perfect amount of cold weather. As Winter grows closer (*single tear) let’s take a moment to reflect on this wonderful season and what we love about it. Would love to hear your thoughts and what you love about your fave season.

My thoughts? Colourful leaves make me happy. Deep red lips are stunningly beautiful, especially on girls who are the fairest of them all. I love plaid all year round, but when Fall comes round I tear up the streets of Toronto in my best plaid gear. I’m totally digging the bootie/half-bootie/mid-calf bootie/laced-up-bootie. Umm… ok so I like boots, check! Animals… not that I believe in parading your pets around in their “outfits” but some of the fall duds people put their dogs in are PRICELESS! And let’s face it, it’s an animal dressed as a human. It’s like a car crash, I can’t look away! It’s a cuteness overload. Throw a cat in a pile of leaves? I’m there! A pug wearing a beret? Sign me up! Cuddling with your significant other while drinking hot chocolate and watching your favourite t.v show or movie– (I’m partial to Happy Endings, Anchorman or anything with Meryl Streep in it) there is nothing better in the world.

As Fall eases into Winter, cherish your warm/cold memories and your fave accessories and check out my Fall collage below.

Hug someone you love! (or have lukewarm feelings for–whatever works!)



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