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Seasonal Décor Switch Up


Decorating is all about personal taste. However, the best tip I’ve ever received was to keep my surroundings neutral. This enables your accessories to add pop colour and personality to your space, which is more affordable to update regularly than having your entire house re-painted.

My personal taste is a combination of my mothers decorating sensibility and my own style that I’ve cultivated over time. I grew up in a home that had two décor personalities— spring & summer and fall & winter. Naturally, I adopted this decorating style into my own home and as the seasons change so do a lot of my accessories. It’s easy; it’s affordable and can really transform the way a space feels.

Need a visual tour? Check out three ways I revamp my space when seasons change.


I like soft, crisp tones for spring & summer and cozy, warm tones for fall & winter. Make it simple by switching your accent pillows and throw blankets to seasonally appropriate colours.


I keep my dining table fairly bare unless I’m having guests over for dinner. Again, it all boils down to colour and by changing the runner and a few accessories my table has a completely different vibe.


Accessories, accessories, accessories! Change the tone of your space by swapping candles, coasters or whatever suits you. It’s cheap and it truly doesn’t take much to make an impact.


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