Product Pick :Make Up For Ever Pro Finish

My relationship with foundation products began many, many years ago. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried. We’ve loved, we’ve hated. But it always came back to this: I couldn’t find a happy medium between full coverage and “cakey” coverage. What’s a girl to do? In the past I’ve just eliminated foundation altogether, using a concealer and full coverage powder. Enter my new miracle product, Make Up For Ever Pro Finish multi-use compact foundation.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how this relationship was going to work out. Would I find my perfect “match?” I’ve always loved Make Up For Ever products and with this being their first new foundation in four years I had a funny feeling I was going to be in for a treat. What makes this product stand out for me is that it’s formulated to be applied wet or dry. When applied wet, it delivers sheer, satin coverage. When applied dry, it offers full, matte coverage. Most dual finish products currently on the market (in my experience) provide full “cakey” coverage when wet and medium coverage when dry—this product is the opposite.

Want the best of both worlds? Then apply wet and dry! That’s exactly what I did on my friend Courtenay, who gets mad props for being open to showing her makeup-less self. To apply wet, grab a sponge and dip it in water. Squeeze out excess water from the sponge and sweep across the makeup. Blend onto skin focusing on areas that need the most coverage (under eyes, blemishes etc.). Add more makeup to sponge as necessary. Once set, using a dry foundation brush, sweep across makeup and apply all over face.

Ta da! Full coverage. As you can see on Courtenay, it covered everything she wanted to cover, eliminated shine and helped even out her skin tone. She now has the perfect base to add cheek and eye makeup. What’s more, she (like me) couldn’t believe how light and fresh the product felt—the highest compliment any foundation product can get.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish is available online at sephora.com and as of February will be available in-store at Sephora worldwide. Try this product friends! It’s worth every penny.


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