Product Pick :Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

If there is one product you need to put into your makeup wardrobe this Winter it’s Benefit Cosmetics High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer. It works like a sweet sweet dream on every skin tone and I’m officially obsessed and addicted. It’s easy to use and gives you the most irresistible dewy, radiant glow.

How do you use this miracle product? Benefit Cosmetics says you should use this product anywhere you want a glance to linger. How do I use it? Read below!

1. Mix a little bit of High Beam in with your foundation to add a subtle all over glow to your skin. Just remember, a little dab will do ya! You don’t want to look like an ice queen.

2. Use as a spot highlighter on top of your makeup (my favourite use for this product). I dab a tiny bit on my cheekbones and lightly blend creating a subtle sheen, pictured left, though please use a smaller dab and blend a little further than the picture. This was for demonstration purposes only. Easy radiance!

3. I’ve also been known to use this as a brow highlighter. Using the tiniest amount, blend just under the brow bone like you would with a sheer powder. It packs a huge punch and really helps set the stage for your eye makeup.

Voila! A perfect, luminous, wintery complexion. Want to buy this product? In Canada it’s available at Sephora, some Shoppers Drug Mart’s or you can order it directly from Benefit Cosmetics website.

Enjoy this product friends. I know I will!


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