Our lips are sealed… with bold colour

Red, Pink, Wine (cue Red Red Wine). One thing is for certain— lip colour is amped up. It’s not everyones cup of tea but in my opinion anyone who’s willing can pull it off. However, there are things one must take into consideration when donning said flaming lips. To each their own, but when I wear bold lip colour I like to keep the rest of my makeup look toned down because the last thing I want is to end up looking like Mimi on Drew Carey (sorry Mimi!). One of my many mottos in life must apply— less is more! Trends that is, because sometimes it takes a heck of a lot of products to achieve the look you’re wanting, am I right ladies? How do I like wearing a bold lip? Check out the celebs pictured above (Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Michelle Trachtenberg). It’s about keeping everything neutral but also punching it up with black eye-liner.

I’ve always loved makeup. Well, after I became friends with a girl Erynn in junior high and she showed me that being a girly girl was way more fun than being a tomboy. Since then, I’ve always played around with different looks. I don’t claim to be a makeup artist, but I’ve always had a knack for applying makeup. Perhaps it’s all the art lessons I took as a child and very much being part of the arts community throughout my life. Because that’s just it, makeup is an artistry.

Want to hit your next makeup look outta the park? Worried that you don’t have the skills to pull it off? Dust off your makeup brushes friends, because I have news for you, you can! One look can go a long way, all you have to do is change the lip colour. Check out my celebrity inspired looks and the steps I took to achieve them. I kept the face the same for the entire shoot, swapping the lip colour was the only adjustment.

First things first, prep that canvas! On clean, moisturized skin I applied an all over face primer. Why? Because primer sets the stage for foundation, concealer, you name it. It helps to even out skin tone and helps your makeup last longer. Make no mistake though, as our mothers taught us, a little dab will do ya. Using the entire bottle in one sitting in hopes of having the perfect skin tone (i wish), that miracle is not going to happen. *tip: use an additional under eye brightening primer for extra dark circle coverage.

Next, I used my concealer of choice under the eyes and anywhere that I wanted to even out. (blemishes etc.) Depending on the individual, I sometimes find using a good concealer can eliminate the need to use a foundation. As such, I didn’t use it in this demonstration. I followed up the concealer with a face powder designed to give a high coverage natural matte finish and because we’re wanting to keep the face neutral I then used a minimal amount of powder blush on the cheekbones.

Over the entire eyelid, I used a neutral eyeshadow that had a subtle sheen and in the crease I used a darker complimentary shade. I then used a matte shadow on the eyebrows in places that needed a little filling in. Finally, I lined the eyes with my favourite black liner and finished with black mascara.

Now, the pièce de résistance! I applied a lip liner that complimented the lipstick colours I had chosen. Then, with a lipstick brush (lipstick always looks best when applied with a brush) I applied my lipstick of choice. In addition to this, for the red lip in particular, I also added a red stain on top of the lipstick to really make it pop. And with that the look was complete!

Liking the look of some of the products I used? Hating me a little for not having listed them? Fear not fellow makeup junkies! Click on the pic below for every product used and the accompanying list with the name of the products respective shades.

1. Smashbox Photofinish Primer 2.MAC Vibrancy Eye Primer 3.MicaBella Eye Primer 4.MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in medium) 5.MAC Sheertone Blush (in Pink Swoon) 6.MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (in A Natural Flirt) 7.MAC Eyeshadow (in Woodwinked) 8. MAC Eyeshadow (for brows in Mystery) 9.MAC Fluidline (in Blacktrack) 10. MAC False Lashes Mascara 11.MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil (in More To Love and Kiss Me Quick) 12.MAC Matte, Amplified and Cremesheen Lipstick (in Viva Glam 1, Impassioned and Hang-Up) 13.MAC Cream Colour Base (in Premeditated)


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