Nailed It :The Reverse French Manicure

Love it or hate it, the french manicure is back and has multiple personalities. There are endless colour combinations and for those who tend to do things ass backwards (me included) then voila! Your nails can now match.

The Reverse French Manicure (or Upside Down French Manicure) is a style that I’ve been eyeing lately but didn’t feel I had the skills to master it. Do I? I’m not convinced. I’ll be honest, it’s WAY harder than it looks. Don’t go into this thinking you’re going to be a master at it because the video tutorials online make it look like a piece of delicious nail cake. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discourage you. Many of you will be great at it but now that I’ve tried it I can say without hesitation that I have a new found respect for manicurists. Man alive they’re talented. I don’t know how they manicure nails so meticulously. Serious props are being sent your way manicurists. Well done! I heart you (shout out to Lyndsay Fraser!).

Did I achieve this nail look? Yes. Can you achieve this nail look? Are you patient? Then yes. You’re not patient and are known for throwing hissy fits when frustrated? Then I say give it a try and have your manicurist on speed dial because in all honesty it took me over an hour and I don’t consider myself a patient person (my husband can vouch for that!). In the end I did manage to get it done but a lot of touch ups were involved and nail polish remover clean-ups around the nail beds were a must.

Now that I’ve tried it myself I’m not sure what technique I would recommend. There are a few out there. I chose the french manicure strips route. My pet peeve from this method is that even though I let my nails dry completely before using the strips, those pesky stickers still ripped the nail polish off my nails when it was time to remove them. Thus, I had an extra step of touch-ups to do. I’ve seen a lot of web videos on doing it free hand. I may try this next time but am definitely not ready to cut my manicurist life line.

I’m not a nail professional. I could rattle off some tips I found helpful but I think pointing you in the right direction will be far more effective.

Check out this video I found on It demonstrates a nail professional nailing (I’m punny) the free hand approach.

Still want to try to nail strip approach? I found this Moptop Maven post helpful.

Good luck friends! Any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


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