Nailed It : O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection

Remember how pumped I was a few weeks ago about the Oz the Great and Powerful products being released? (click here to see a post on Urban Decay’s Oz palettes) The excitement continues! I’ve had these magical O.P.I nail polish gems in my hands for quite some time now but have been waiting for the perfect post opportunity. In other words I wanted my post to coincide with the release of this Disney blockbuster, which for those of you wanting to join me at the movie theatre is next friday March 8th.

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for anything that brings me a feeling of nostalgia and these polishes do just that. They remind me of following the yellow brick road and clicking my ruby slippers while watching The Wizard of Oz with my mother. They remind me of seeing Wicked the musical ¬†for the first time, again with my Mother. (and many times since…) I think it’s seeing the physical representation of what someone concocts to represent the characters that I’ve become so fond of over the years that inspires me so much. Or maybe it’s just damn fine marketing. Who knows!

Needing a professional manicure aside, (do ignore my currently rough cuticles) I’m in love with the Glints of Glinda shade pictured left on my nails. O.P.I had me at the name but one must not forget it’s G(a)-linda, with a “ga” (for all you Wicked fans out there). It’s the perfect subtle beige that make my nails look clean and healthy. And what’s a mani without a sparkly accent nail? With excellent sparkle to polish ratio, Which is Witch is now my go to glitter polish. Two light coats provide full nail coverage taking excess polish layering out of the equation.

Pictured left to right (pic #1) are the colours I’ve indulged in and how O.P.I describes them:

  • Glints of Glinda: “Only a good witch could turn beige from meek to chic”
  • Which is Witch: “Is this silver glitter with iridescent sparkle or the other way around?”
  • I Theodora You (love this too!): “This adorable, sheer pink is bewitching on you”
  • What Wizardry is This?: “This liquid sand rich taupe hue was designed for James Franco’s character”

Witch colour are you excited to try?


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