Nailed It :Marc Jacobs Mani

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or perhaps fashion isn’t your cup of tea, then you know that for the past 9 days New York City has been abuzz with the latest and greatest in designer fashion. Last night New York Fashion Week came to an end, closing with one of my favourite designers— Marc Jacobs. Insert fashion swoon here. Instagram and Twitter were a flutter with images from the the lunar shaped runway with a giant faux sun casting a sepia glow upon the models and attendants (Pic 1 below). From sparkly tweed hot pants, fishnet dresses embedded with crystals to Oscar worthy sequin dresses in champagne, bronze and steel hues, Marc Jacobs helped to end fashion week with a “bang.”

My turn to admit to living under a rock. What universe have I been living in that I didn’t know Marc Jacobs was teaming with Sephora to release a makeup line. *gasp!* As a long time Marc enthusiast (my very first designer bag was a smooth as silk tan leather Marc Jacobs number that to this day is still my #1 love) I was all but foaming at the mouth when I was internet perusing the show last night and saw sneak peek pictures of nail polishes that are to be included in the Sephora launch this coming Fall.

A man who’s all things passionate about fashion, chose to use his own polishes on models nails for his Fall 2013 collection presentation, which to me demonstrates how passionate he is about his upcoming beauty venture. I’m with you Marc! Now that I know about this, Fall can’t come fast enough. As a gal who loves all things beauty related, I can’t wait to be the first girl in line with her tan Marc Jacobs bag in tow ready to test and try products with his stamp of approval.

I love the polish packaging and can’t wait to see what other colours are in store. Not to mention the other beauty products that at the moment are left to our imaginations. Mine is running wild!

Who wants a Marc mani!?! I do! I do!


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