Nailed It: Holiday Manicure


Like most women I love a good manicure, but the reality of paying upwards of $30 every two weeks just isn’t in the cards. Thus, I’m left to my own devices at home and must say I’m mastering the art of painting inside the lines quite well. All those colouring books I tirelessly worked on as child seem to have paid off, thanks Mom!


I’ll admit I’m fairly boring when it comes to nail colour. No matter how great the manicure it’s bound to chip within a few days and I just don’t have the patience to re-paint time and time again, which is why you’ll always find me circling  nude or pale pink polishes at the drug store. Since it’s the holidays we have the perfect excuse to jazz up our usual manicure so I chose something a little more bold but in keeping with the festive theme. After the usual nail and cuticle prep, I painted my nails (two coats) a shimmery emerald green polish (Laughin’ to the Bank by Deborah Lippmann) followed by a healthy dose of Topcoat. Once dry I strategically added some sparkle (The Living Daylights from the OPI Skyfall Collection) to my ring fingers, keeping it heavier at the top of my nail and trickling down like snowflakes to my cuticle. The result? Wintery green nails that sparkle, but more importantly are cat approved.

What do your holiday mani’s look like this year?


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