Nailed It :Estée Lauder Spring 2013 Paris Macarons Pure Color Nail Polishes

Breathe in the fresh Spring air my friends! And by fresh Spring air I mean blistering cold freezing Winter air, but with Spring in the near distant future head to your local department stores and see what beauty is in store for you. You’ll be swept away in a sea of pinks and pastels dreaming of a world where your socks don’t get wet inside your footwear during every outing. Living in Canada, Spring collections are always released during the height of our cold, Winter despair, which kind of works out perfectly because we’re longing for a glimpse at something bright and cheerful that helps us see the light at the end of that snow filled tunnel.

Enter Estée Lauder’s Spring 2013 Paris Macarons Pure Color Nail Polish Collection, inspired by the delectable Parisian pastries. A collection containing the perfect array of pastel polishes that look good enough to eat. After a Winter season dominated by darks and neutrals, these polishes are the polar opposite and just what we need in order to start getting ready to be girly again in our open toed heels and sandals. Not to mention they’re the perfect shades to use when creating fun nail designs. Whether it be stripes, coloured nail tips or polka dots, these polishes might just bring a little joie de vivre! As Julia Child once said, “Who’s to know!”

The following shades (pictured below, l-r) are included in this limited edition nail lacquer collection:

  • Narcissist- dew rose
  • Lilac Leather- dream lavender
  • Coral Cult- pink berries
  • Dilettante France- blueberry
  • Absinthe- delicate spring tea

If these polishes are anything like what would happen if I had a box of macarons sitting in front of me, these sweet treats (polish and otherwise) are going to gone, quick! Available now at Holt Renfrew along with select shades at Sears and The Bay.

My fave? I’d like to try Lilac Leather. What shade tickles your fancy?


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