Nailed It :Essie Repstyle

What more can a girl (well, this girl anyway) ask for. A new nail polish featuring a pun on reptile? SOLD! Confession? Though I’m very much into painting my nails I’ve not tried any looks that are created by using a magnet. *gasp* I know, what kind of beauty junkie am I? No time like the present, yes? Enter Essie Repstyle.

I’ll admit, in preparation for trying out the magnet technique I did some research and have read mixed reviews on how well it works and in-particular how Essie’s Repstyle fairs in the magnet polish department. I think it’s high time we put this yay or nay magnet technique to the test.

First and foremost, let me say the colours are stunning. Pictured left to right are the 6 cleverly titled shades that whether you want the magnet effect or not can stand alone beautifully.

1. Crocadilly (a stealthy hunter green lamé)
2. Snake, Rattle and Roll (a venomous oxidized silver)
3. Repstyle (a tanned bronze)
4. Snake it Up (a midnight pewter pavé)
5. Lil’ Boa Peep (a hypnotic titanium copper, the colour used on my nails)
6. Sssssexy (a scintillating sanguine)

Essie Weingarten, Founder and Global Creative Director, was quoted saying, “it’s just mesmerizing to see how they morph under the magnet.” Can I just say, she’s right! It’s SO cool! I was truly surprised how easy it was, though I do have a few tips I figured out along the way to ensure you achieve the desired “repstyle” print.

Whether you choose to don the look on all fingernails (Pic #2) or choose one nail to showcase the pattern   (Pic #3) I suggest the following. As they recommend, apply a first coat. I found it best to keep the first and second coat thin (less polish for the magnet to have to work through). After the first coat was dry I worked on one nail at a time because in order to achieve the snake skin look the polish needs to be wet for the magnet to work. I didn’t want to allow any time for my nails to dry so my second coat adopted the slow and steady wins the race mantra. Immediately hover the magnet cap over the wet polish for 5-10 seconds (I found the more seconds the better) keeping it as close to the nail as possible without hitting it and thus smudging the polish.

Voila! It’s that simple. A little persistence and patience will pay off and give you the animal print you’re wanting. The most important thing is to make sure the polish is wet and that the magnet is close enough to the nail.

Whether you’re a “repstyle” lover or not the colours are brilliant all on their own. It’s a win win! Want to pick up a bottle? Head to your local drugstore and enjoy. In Canada Essie is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.


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