Nailed It :007 Style

If I could insert James Bond themed music to play while you read this I would. Since I can’t, do me a kindness and play it in your head while reading, deal?

Who doesn’t like a nice steaming hot cup of James Bond? Or Daniel Craig for that matter. Clearly OPI has read our minds and released a limited edition James Bond inspired nail polish collection that dare I say are genius. Celebrating 50 years of Bond, the Skyfall 007 collection contains a variety of colours to suit every taste and they all have Bond-themed names! I’m such a sucker for marketing…

To give a first hand opinion of the polishes I went on the hunt last weekend to purchase a couple shades that might interest me. How thrilled was I that in addition to buying the colours individually in their regular 15ml bottles (which if you’re wanting more than one can get costly) they’re also selling mini Skyfall polishes in a box set. Brilliant! So if you’re wanting to try more than one you don’t have to shell out tons of cash.

What shades did I decide on? I bought the mini Skyfall set that included four polishes in GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, Live and Let Die and The World is Not Enough shades. What else? You’re right, letting my nail polish gluttony get the best of me I also purchased full sized bottles in Moonraker and The Living Daylights but in my defence I am sharing them with my best friend so that makes it ok, right? (the shades I purchased are pictured above)

My faves? Honestly, it’s really hard to pick. What I love about all the shades is that the colours are vibrant and most have a glittery undertone. What gal doesn’t love a glittery undertone? If, in true James Bond style, I had a gun to my head and had to choose my top three would be The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker and Live and Let Die. The colour that surprised me the most is The Spy Who Loved Me. I’ve never been a member of the red nail polish fan club but this shade is to die for, no pun intended. It’s the perfect shade of red, which coming from me says something.

If you’re really wanting to jazz up your Bond nails then buy the The Man With the Golden Gun OPI topcoat. It contains real flakes of 18k gold adding even more glitz to your already glitzed out nails. That’s cray cray.

Skyfall opens tonight in theatres worldwide. Are you going to see it this weekend? I know I am. Be sure to check out all the Bond girls manicures. They’ll strictly be wearing the 007 OPI shades.




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