Mo Money, Mo Problems… Mo-vember?

Ladies, ladies, ladies! It’s our favourite time of year again. *note sarcasm* I kid I kid. Mo Money for Movember, Mo Problems because we get to look at moustaches on men everywhere we go for a month. Do we love kissing our moustache donning gentlemen callers? Be honest. No! However, every November we kiss our men with pride because it’s for a cause that is extremely important, spreads awareness and raises tons of money for prostate cancer research worldwide. How can we deny our men affection in their most vulnerable state? Women– unite!

Who says that men get to have all the fun? Since we can’t grow moustaches ourselves (ahem… well, most of us) why not show our support in other ways? The Movember product is truly reaching new levels of awesome and my findings are just the beginning! As women, naturally, we want to glam up any situation and the fashion accessories are endless. From necklaces to rings, t-shirts to shoes, even pillows to baby pacifiers, (that’s right, you can pimp out your baby to look like Magnum P.I.) the combinations are endless.

Want more information? It’s at your fingertips and it’s our job to educate ourselves and others. There is an abundance of information about Movember online simply start googling and get taken away. One website in particular that I find informative is Movember and Sons. You can find out about the cause, register to participate, donate and much more. Want some amazing lady/unisex Movember product? Etsy to your hearts content and if you’re wanting more check out

Also, if you’re like me and enjoy cute animal pictures (no problem admitting that) then check out this hilarious post on The Huffington Post.

To wet your Movember product appetite check out some of my favourites below and remember, Keep Calm and Grow a Moustache. And if you can’t, buy one!



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