Maxi’n and Relaxin


I love warm weather, but hate feeling hot and sweaty. It always takes my brain some time¬†to adjust after the winter months because one second you need multiple pieces to pull together an outfit and keep warm, and the next you need very little. I want to remain stylish, but no longer have the luxury of depending on sweaters and scarves to do so. That’s what makes maxi dresses my go to summer outfit. It’s one article of clothing that’s easy, breezy, beautiful… wait a second, that’s Covergirl. In all seriousness, it is. The garments flowy nature provides a constant breeze, it’s comfortable, effortless and can take you from day to night in a snap. Not to mention there’s a cut and shape for everyone, making it universally flattering.

If there is one thing every woman needs in their wardrobe this summer it’s a maxi dress because its versatility can’t be beat. I have a few in my closet already, but some of my favourites for summer are below and me thinks¬†might find their way into my dress rotation. One never knows!

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