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Man-ic Mondays :Shaving 101

With the end of November in sight it can only mean one thing… Our men will be shaving away all signs of Movember! As happy as we may be to see their faces again they do deserve a round of applause for raising money and bringing awareness to such an important cause. Well done men!

I’m not an expert on shaving ones face. Being a woman I’ve never had to (thank god!). Doing some research on the subject, there certainly is a lot more to it than gliding a sharp blade across ones skin gents. There truly is an art to it that if followed can ensure you get the smoothest shave and can help you to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn. With Movember coming to an end and your robust beards/moustaches needing grooming like never before there is no time like the present to brush up on your shaving regimen.

Here are some handy tips I’ve come across in my men’s shaving how to expedition.


Step 1

Always Always Always thoroughly wash your face beforehand with hot soapy water. Preferably use a cleansing face wash rather than a bar of soap that can dry out your skin overtime. Cleansing your skin beforehand not only preps your skin by opening pores and softening hair and stubble but also removes dirt and bacteria reducing the chance of infection and ingrown hairs. A product I know my husband approves is Clinique Liquid Face Wash for Men. They have an amazing 3-step system geared toward men’s skincare, this product being one of the steps. *Tip: Shave after or at the end of your shower because the steam has helped to open up your pores.

Step 2

You know how you always roll your eyes at your girlfriend or wife when she is strict about scrubbing her face with an exfoliating brush? Guess what boys, you should be exfoliating too! It’s the next step in getting that great shave you’re desperate for. It’s easy and it’s nothing more than scrubbing away dead skin cells which will keep your skin looking healthy. Do note, if you have sensitive skin you may want to avoid this step because it’s too harsh or use a product designed for sensitive skin. Again, I’d recommend trying Clinique’s Scruffing Lotion or Clinique’s Face Scrub as both are designed for men’s pre-shaving exfoliation. What’s more, Clinique is great at developing products for all skin types thus you should have no trouble finding a product to meet your needs.

Step 3

If you have a thick beard or moustache now is the time to trim it with a beard trimmer or trimming scissors, eliminating as much hair as you can without cutting yourself.

Step 4

Smooth a thick, moisturizing shave gel on your face and neck remembering that the longer you allow it to soak into your skin the softer the hair will become. When choosing a shaving cream that best suits you look for one that’s thick and hydrating that doesn’t contain alcohol based ingredients (no alcohol=softer moisturized skin). The entire purpose of shaving cream is to create a protective barrier between your skin and the razor reducing irritation and razor burn. Try Clinique’s M Shave Aloe Gel or Cream Shave.

Step 5

To get the closest at-home shave use a multiblade, cartridge-style razor and shave with gentle strokes. The blade should be sharp enough to easily slice your facial hair without having to apply a lot of pressure to your skin. If certain areas need an even closer shave then tightly stretch areas of your skin as you shave them. It’s easier to glide a razor over a smooth area rather than an area of skin that’s slack or uneven. Also, use your hair growth to your advantage. Shave first in the direction of your hair growth and then again in the other direction (against the grain). Make sure to rinse the blade often, if not after every stroke, and rinse your face with cool water to close your pores when done. *Tip: If your skin is prone to developing shaving bumps (aka ingrown hairs) you may need a gentler shave. To minimize bumps shave directly after you shower and use as few shaving strokes as possible. Don’t stretch areas of your skin as mentioned above and definitely do not shave against the grain.

Step 6

Almost done! Time to dip into the ‘ol after shave fella’s. Contrary to what you might think it’s not just used for its fancy smell. It helps to close your now open pores and a good after shave can even help moisturize (though that doesn’t mean you can skip moisturizing). Clinique’s Post-Shave Healer comes with rave reviews. My husband loves it and I know other men who have tried it and loved it.

Step 7

Moisturize your face! And if you’re wanting to stay on the Clinique bandwagon try their M Lotion. In my personal opinion, when it comes to skincare it’s best not to mix and match your products too much. If you find a product you love then choose its counterparts when doing the other steps in your regimen.


Sound like a lot of work? Then I think you might just be an electric razor man. On the days when my husband doesn’t use a razor he swears by his Braun Series 3 electric razor. Go forth and conquer gentlemen!


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