Man-ic Mondays :Scarves

It’s quickly become that time of year when you look at your significant other and say “Baby, it’s cold outside,” with no intentional reference to the famous pop standard. Solution? Scarves! Naturally, as a scarf addict I think they’re the perfect accessory. For men? YES! They have necks too that can get chilly on a breezy evening and really chilly throughout the Winter so why not? If you like the idea of your man in a scarf then this is the perfect time of year to help ease him into it because let’s face it, not every man is keen to hop on the fashion trend bandwagon and thus the chances of you being met with resistance are high. So let the crumby Winter weather give back to you this year rather than break your spirits and your back when it serves you that big helping of snow you didn’t ask for. You never know, maybe come Spring they’ll be open to a scarf serving a fashionable purpose vs. a warmth purpose. A girl can dream…

Now that it’s November the warm gear is everywhere you look so finding a cool scarf will be a cinch. Check out some of my favourites in the gallery below. Fashionable to warmth focused, there really is something for every guy.

My personal faves? Banana Republic’s Merino Wool Herringbone scarf (love some pattern), Urban Outfitters UO Marled Twist Eternity scarf (love an eternity scarf) and finally Topman’s Blue Mixed Scarf (love me some colour!). If you’re able to broaden his scarf horizon into a more fashion forward scarf then go for Marc Jacobs Linear Logo Woven Scarf (shown in Atomic Green Multi). It’s too cute to pass up.

Stay warm Gentlemen!


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