Man-ic Mondays :30 Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

I don’t know about you but I find some men extremely difficult to buy gifts for during the holidays and all year round for that matter. As women I think we become so focused on wanting to find something they don’t have that they’ll love that we forget about all the things they might need or really enjoy. I always want to find something new and exciting to get my husband. What does he want? An apple gift card. What does he always want? An apple gift card. Why not make him happy and get him, you guessed it, an apple gift card! Makes sense. Get the men in your life what you know they’ll really love and then add fun and unique gifts to their stocking! Great idea, I know! You can thank me later.

My top 30 ideas have all been approved by the man in my life, so depending on the guy I have no doubt that any or all of these ideas will knock their holiday socks off.


1. Corkcicle

Your man a wine drinker? Then this is the perfect new trinket for him. Freeze the corkcicle and after a glass of wine has been poured you can chill whites for up to an hour and cool room temp reds in 15 minutes for just $24.95. Visit for more info.



2. Coloured Dress Shoe Shoe Laces

Cole Haan has amazing colourful shoe laces for dress shoes. At $7.00 a pair, make it easy for him to dress up his dress shoes! Visit for more colours.



3. Slippers

Whether you want to splurge on a really nice pair or get an affordable pair, slippers are an easy gift that will keep your man’s footsies warm all year round (shown are Ugg Australia Ascot Slippers- $165).



4. Money Clip

Support an entrepreneur! Etsy is a great place to find amazing gifts for guys. Many men don’t like carrying around a chunky wallet thus a money clip is a great alternative. Made by CountryMomDesigns on Etsy, this money clip can be yours for only $28!



 5. Dog Collar/Leash

Hubby or boyfriend have a dog? Why not treat his pooch to an adorable new collar or leash! There is so much to choose from and nowadays most are customizable. Check out for personalized collars and leashes. They ship worldwide!

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6. iPad/Tablet Case

Sick of generic iPad and Tablet cases? Again, Etsy is where it’s at! We recently met an amazing vendor at the One of a Kind Show who sells her product on Etsy. Scott bought the felt iPad Mini Sleeve in Grey and LOVES it. Check her out at



7. Gloves

Gloves! Can’t go wrong. Fingerless, leather, wool, oh my! Let’s face it, they’ve probably worn out the pair you got last year and/or lost its mate. Target has some great and affordable options this season. Pictured left, Target’s Merona Men’s Fingerless Gloves ($14.99).



8&9. Socks & Underwear

Want to help step up his sock and underwear game but don’t want to spend a fortune? Totally understandable. Whether you’re wanting festive items or all year round garments, Gap has affordable pieces that will add variety to his dull tube sock filled wardrobe.



10. Chapstick

Dry Winter lips… Do you like kissing them? I know I don’t! Add some chapstick to his stocking this year. It drops the perfect subtle hint. A great one to try is Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-shine Moisturizing Lip Balm for Men, $12.00.



11. Zippo Hand Warmer

The perfect gift for a man who doesn’t like wearing gloves, is spending time in hockey rinks or in the cold in general— a Zippo Hand Warmer! For $19.95 he can hold this gadget and keep his hands warm all Winter long.



12. Mini Bottle of Alcohol

You know his poison so throw a mini bottle of his fave booze into his stocking. Mini bottles of alcohol are usually near the check-out at your local liquor store.



13. Pocket Square

Pocket squares are a great way to dress up a suit or blazer, especially for men who wear suits to work. I love this JCrew Tartan Pocket Square ($54.00) because my husband and I heart plaid. You can find them in a variety of colours and prints at



14. Chocolate/Candy

The most obvious of obvious stocking stuffers is to get them their favourite chocolate or candy. We all have our favourites. My husband loves Reese’s Pieces. It’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s tasty! What’s not to love?



15. Tie Clip

My husband recently purchased a few of the tie clip pictured left from RoyalCountess on Etsy and he couldn’t have been more thrilled. They were the perfect groomsmen gift and a wonderful gift to give any guy in your life.



16. Beer Soap

A soap made of beer. Never was there a gift more suited for your man. Whether he uses it or not isn’t the point. It’s made of beer! He’ll love it. Check out The Beer Soap Company and for $6.75 your man will smile ear to ear when he sees/smells this soap.



17. iPhone Book Charger

Sorry, this one is for iPhone users only! How cool is this? Turning a book into a charging dock—BRILLIANT! Want one? Check out Rich Neeley Designs on Etsy. You’re bound (get it, bound!) to find a book that matches his personality.



18. Magazines

Magazines are an easy item to toss into a stocking and most are under 5 bucks. Even better is a magazine subscription. Subscriptions truly do save you money in the end. For example, a GQ subscription for Canadians is only $15 for 12 issues. Do the math friends!



19. Business Cards

Does your guy or one of the men in your life work for themselves? Then he needs amazing business cards. have amazing options and also sell gift cards so you can gift their services. Perfect!



20. Lego Minifigures

How cute is this Lego Minifigure! These little guys come in all kinds of characters like a thespian, pirate, football player and many more. I would bet there is one to please every guy and for $3.49 it’s the perfect little nostalgic gift to add to his stocking.



21. Headphones

Splurge on a nice pair of headphones for the gents in your life. Urbanears (available at offer a fantastic pair for $59.95 with cutting-edge functions and performance using the latest technology.



22. Five-dollar Gift Cards

Purchase a few $5 gift cards from his favourite places like Subway, Tim Hortons or Starbucks. Though let’s be real, a $5 won’t even get you a drink at Starbucks so maybe a $10 card from there would be best.



23. Whiskey Stones

Hard liquor (like whiskey) is best served cold and diluted. Whiskey stones are a great gift for men who enjoy their liquor and hate having to use ice cubes. The set pictured are from West Elm for $14.56 but you can get these stones at a variety of places.



24. Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

If he’s always wanted the moose mug that Chevy Chase drinks from in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation then look no further. You can get one for just $21.99 from



25. Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

If you’re tired of hearing “Where’s the bottle opener?” then this fridge magnet bottle opener might save your sanity and make the men in your life happy. Pictured left is one currently available at



26. Guitar Pick Punch

This gadget is going to make your guitar playing men swoon. Put simply, the Pick Punch can punch anything they want into a guitar pick (usually credit cards and such). For more information visit



27. USB Flash Memory Drive

Let his USB drive bring back memories. Shown in Optimus Prime, sells flash drives in some of your favourite characters at a reasonable price.



28. Favourite DVD

It’s a no brainer. Grab his favourite movie (one he doesn’t have!) or t.v series and receive instant smiles. Men love their t.v time after all.



29. Credit Card Holder

Going back to men disliking bulky wallets, if a money clip isn’t his thing perhaps a credit card holder is more up his alley. They’re compact and hold everything he needs. To the left is one available at for $68.



30. Holiday Tie

Holiday ties don’t have to be cheesy and covered in reindeer anymore. This tie ($98) from Jack Spade puts a funny spin on the carol Noël but doesn’t reek of a holiday garment. He can retire Rudolph with this more stylish selection.



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