Man-ic Mondays :Leather Jackets

If I heard “I want a leather jacket” once this weekend, I heard it 100 times. Not only that, it was one of my closest friends Adam trying to convince/not understanding why my husbands leather jacket couldn’t be his— “seriously… why aren’t you giving me your jacket!” In addition to that, my gorgeous friend Kendra suggested I write a little about men stuff, (they like beautiful things too, right!?) something I’d already thought about.

Thus, the inspiration for “Man-ic Mondays” was born and my first topic basically tattooed into my subconscious. Now, I know we don’t all agree with donning leather which I completely respect as a person who adores animals, so don’t hate, appreciate(!) that I’ve also included 3 faux leather options.

Leather (or faux leather) jackets are timeless. If I may, can I give you gents a tip when picking the perfect style? Most of us can’t afford to update our leather jacket wardrobe according to the latest trend so to get the most bang for your buck go with a natural colour, clean lines and minimal embellishments. Simple, right? I promise you this will ensure jacket longevity (assuming you look after it and don’t go swimming in it).

In summary, avoid tons of pockets, randomly placed zippers, bizarre colours like mustard yellow, (when’s the last time you saw a mustard yellow cow?) fur trim and any kind of image that may seem current when you bought it but when you’re the 45 year old wearing the leather jacket with a power ranger on it understand that we aren’t laughing with you, we’re definitely laughing at you. On second thought, we’re probably getting a good chuckle so please, carry on.

Check out the gallery below for some styles currently available that are sure to make you men look h o t.        (e.g: Jon Hamm)







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