Man-ic Mondays :Holiday Sweaters

Let’s face it, not everyone can rock an ugly holiday sweater like Matt Damon (*ahem) and that’s ok! But unless you’re actually attending an ugly holiday sweater party, how about we keep the tacky Chevy Chase a la National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation holiday gear folded neatly in the back of our closet this season? Now that we’ve settled that, you can still feel merry and bright  in something comfy and festive that doesn’t require your friends and family to wear earplugs because your outfit is insanely loud.

What pre-tell am I suggesting? Check out some of the women approved holiday sweaters below. I can’t speak for all women, but I’d be happy to see my man in any and all of the below looks.


Casually Crew

Who does casual meets dressy best? J.Crew does! Comfortable, stylish, playful colours— you name it, they do it. This year they’ve done the sweater proud letting colour and texture do the festive talking allowing you to partake in dressing for the season without slapping us in the face with your Rudolph glowing nose sweater. Try the Marled Wool Alpaca Crewneck Sweater or the Donegal Wool Cable Cardigan. Priced from $120-$200, they can be worn all Winter and won’t disappoint.


Cheap & Cheerful

If you love investing in new sweaters every season then Old Navy is where it’s at. They keep their hand on the pulse of what’s trending and manufacture them reaching a price point that everyone can afford. This season they’ve done a shawl-collar cardigan in a variety of colours and might I add I love a man in a cardigan? It’s the perfect piece for men who want to feel stylish without trying to hard. Priced between $30-$40, the Shawl-Collar Donegal Cardigan and Wool-Blend Shawl Cardigan (shown in Summer Sienna) achieve just that.


Seasonally Stylish

Wanting to effortlessly up your style ante? Look no further, Zara for men has what you need. Whether it’s a cardigan, sweater or hoodie Zara manages to produce stylish mens clothing that appeal to a wide array of male fashionistas. I love plaid so the Checked Knitted Cardigan is right up my alley and by my alley I mean what I want my husband to wear. Another great choice is the Hooded Cashmere Sweater. Priced between $80-$140, either choice can easily be dressed up or dressed down and again will give you sweater longevity throughout the Winter.


A Little Literal

If you’re a guy who doesn’t believe in wearing a holiday sweater that isn’t a little bit literal, how about you just tone it down a notch? All the brands mentioned in this post have a few options but two that I really like come from Topman. Do note that I chose these two styles, the Burgandy Snowflake Cardigan and the Khaki Chevron Yoke Jumper ($70-$100). Topman has amazing clothing for men but is also known to produce some loud and bold apparel. I’ve definitely spotted Topman sweaters that feature polar bears and reindeers. Make no mistake, these are not the literal sweaters I’m talking about. Though they’re cute and funny, realistically does your spouse or significant other want to be seen with you wearing it in public? The majority of us lean toward a big ‘ol thumbs down.



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