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Making My Dream Office Come True

A girly at home dream office. Don’t we all want/need one? I think for the first time in my life I actually do and my lack lustre space is less than inspiring at the moment. I used to share an office with my hubby but seeing as it’s the smallest room in our townhouse it’s just too cluttered and not in line with my desire to have all rooms in our house perfectly furnished. Perfectionist much? Please. I’ll happily admit it. The shared office is where copious amounts of clutter seem to manifest. So in an effort to be more organized and to finally get the spare bedroom outfitted the way I want, it’s now going to be our guest bedroom/my office! (Don’t worry Mom… I’m only taking up a small corner in your room)

Pictured left, the current state of our spare bedroom and my soon to be office space. I know, it’s a sad state of affairs. But in my defence I’ve worked really hard on all the other rooms in the house and this one just hasn’t been on my radar. Better late then never!

The pictures above are my inspiration photos. I’m going to draw from them when picking paint colours, accent colours and personal touches. And I’m taking you along for the ride! Step by step friends I’m going to show you the stages of how I get there. If you have any suggestions along the way or tips feel free to share.

A well designed and furnished space is an art and a thing of beauty and truly can make a difference in supporting your creative process. I’m certainly not an interior designer but with a background in fashion and beauty I do have a sense for colour and coordinating colours. Plus I’m a girly girl. We girly girls know how to handle our business and can handle making anything or any occasion pretty. Girly girls represent!

First step—paint colours! I’m going to hit the paint swatch circuit this weekend. Stay tuned for a post next week and help a girl out. I want your feedback on what colour you like best and will consider all opinions wisely when making my final paint decision.

I can’t wait to get started!



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